Celebrate The Inside

Official Video Release 

Dr Ally K has just released her second official music video for Celebrate The Inside!

Celebrate The Inside

has already topped


Let's all Celebrate The Inside – both figuratively and literally speaking - by watching, commenting and subscribing to #DrAllyK!

This 'Made In Quarrantine' video is by Celebrate The Inside's producer and co-writer Peter Linseman of Music Mentor Productions.

The Best (Mean Girl)

Official Video Release 

Dr Ally K has released her fabulous first official music video for The Best (Mean Girl)! Watch now ~ Directed by Dr Ally K, AD by Michael J. Nadel, Director of Photography /editor Ajay Serjue @ONLOCATION.T.O  videographer / editor / AD Peter Linseman and also featuring the "Mean Girl" Hailey Fauchere https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8127561/ 




Dr Ally K releases "BODY" single internationally.

BODY is a HOT HOT HOT new track from Dr Ally K! HOT sexy vocal, HOT provocative lyrics. HOT exotic tracks! BODY is about a sensuous girl who is simply oozing with sex appeal by her mere existence. Everybody wants her - transcending race, creed, colour and even sexual preference ❣

BODY was written by Dr Ally K (Allyson Koffman) and co-written / produced in a hot Urban/Pop style by award winning/nominated Peter Linseman at Music Mentor Productions

CLICK PIC to listen on Spotify NOW!

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We The North


Dr Ally K releases Raptors’ anthem "We The North" single internationally.

"We The North" was written by Dr Ally K and produced in a hot Urban/Pop style by award winning/nominated Peter Linseman and Carla Sacco at Music Mentor Productions. Dr Ally K has been a huge fan of the Raptors from the beginning…maybe not as huge as Drake, but nonetheless a huge fan that has spawned the creation of "We The North" single release! Ally has captured the excitement of the team, the game and killing it on the court ~ Raptors style! 

“We the north, we the champs, our place in history, rockin’ the rim and dropping dimes, these Raptors are the best of all time!” ~ Dr Ally K

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Spotify 300K Streams-01.png

Dr Ally K's new 6 song EP called "Up Up & Away" which includes first international single release, "The Best (Mean Girl)", has gone viral on Spotify! 


The total tops 300,000 streams and 130,000 monthly listeners on Spotify in 6 months!

Listen now to find out WHY!

Up Up & Away  NEW 6 SONG EP


Up Up & Away  NEW 6 SONG CD

Droppin' it ol' school ~ Up Up & Away  NEW 6 SONG CD is here!


The Best (Mean Girl)

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