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Dr Ally K is a dynamic new artist who writes songs with messages and producers her songs in an urban/pop style, ranging from EDM to Hip Hop. LATEST NEWS - Dr Ally K releases Raptors’ anthem "We The North" single. "We The North" was written by Dr Ally K and produced by Peter Linseman and Carla Sacco at Music Mentor Productions. Ally has surpassed 200,000 streams on Spotify, only 3 months after the release of her first single "The Best (Mean Girl)" off of her 6 song EP “Up Up & Away”. Dr Ally K has been met by supporters and industry with open arms…and killer reviews e.g.: Awesome Album Review on JamShere: DR ALLY K: “UP, UP & AWAY” – ENERGETIC AND ADDICTING, WITH SUBSTANCE! Incredible Album Review on TUNEDLOUD! : DR ALLY K: “UP UP & AWAY” – AN INCREDIBLY IMMERSIVE LISTENING EXPERIENCE


Dr Ally K is a true ‘healer’ by nature! Ally is a registered doctor (CFPC Specialist), Ambassador for Autism Sings and now leading a national domestic violence campaign that started in her own backyard; initiated when her best friend and neighbour Dr. Elana Fric-Shamji was killed by her husband Dr. Mohammed Shamji. Ally has written a song for Elana called 'Monster', to bring awareness to zero tolerance for domestic violence with proceeds going to the Fric family and charity of their choice. Ally is also negotiating with key players and actors for the docudrama movie about Elana. Click to see Ally's powerful article in the Toronto Sun about Dr. Elana Fric-Shamji’s murder and song ‘Monster’.


Ally’s EP ‘Up Up & Away’ and upcoming album ‘Get Connected’ are a collection of Dr Ally K songs past and present, all produced in an UrbanPop style by award winning/nominated Peter Linseman at his CCMA nominated recording studio, Music Mentor Productions (distribution through ILS/Universal Music Group). The Best (Mean Girl) ft. Ajay is a CHR EDM song using satire to tell a story, send out an anti-bullying message and at the same time kill it in the dance clubs.  Ally describes her album’s concept as "a strong message in each song, like personal inner struggle with songs like ‘The Best’ & ‘My Cue’; more self-reflective with songs like ‘Never’ & ‘Monster’ and finally clarity and awakening with songs like ‘Celebrate’ & ‘Get Connected’." In support of her severely autistic son, Ally was honoured to perform/host as Ambassador for Autism Sings in 2018.


Ally graduated as an Ontario Scholar from Claude Watson Secondary School of Performing Arts in Toronto and received The Theatre Award for dramatic performance and instruction. Throughout her schooling and into her medical profession, Ally remained creative. She wrote, directed, choreographed and performed "The Waiting Room" (musical) to facilitate exploration of ethical issues for women's health. Ally was the recipient of the Silver Medal in Ontario for highest marks in voice at in Royal Conservatory of Music, with a command performance at the Hart House. She won numerous gold medals at various music festivals including the Kiwanis Music Festival(s). Ally was commissioned to compose music for ‘Orchids’, full-length musical, depicting effects of Tourette's syndrome, artificial insemination, pre-genetic diagnosis, and societal perceptions of normality. This musical was attended by thousands including a thousand health-care professionals in the Canada-wide performances of ‘Orchids’.


Needless to say Dr Ally K has a long and glorious artist career ahead of her and has already recorded high caliber songs worthy of the top honours in the music industry. Keep an eye out for Dr Ally K’s exciting new album and all the behind the scenes adventures! 

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