Celebrate The Inside

Official Video Release 

Dr Ally K has just released her second official music video for Celebrate The Inside!

Celebrate The Inside

has already topped


Let's all Celebrate The Inside – both figuratively and literally speaking - by watching, commenting and subscribing to #DrAllyK!

This 'Made In Quarrantine' video is by Celebrate The Inside's producer and co-writer Peter Linseman of Music Mentor Productions.

The Best (Mean Girl)

Official Video Release 

Dr Ally K has released her fabulous first official music video for The Best (Mean Girl)! Watch now ~ Directed by Dr Ally K, AD by Michael J. Nadel, Director of Photography /editor Ajay Serjue @ONLOCATION.T.O  videographer / editor / AD Peter Linseman and also featuring the "Mean Girl" Hailey Fauchere https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8127561/ 


Behind The Scenes The Best (Mean Girl) Music Video! 

The Best (Mean Girl) Official Video coming soon!

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